Classic white Premium Shutter done by The Blindman. 4 1/2" louvers.

Classic white Blindman Premium Shutter with 4 1/2″ louvers.

For years, natural hardwood shutters have been the gold standard for the highest quality in window coverings. In recent years many similar products have tried to out-do the overall value and durability of a natural wood shutter but for every strength, it creates other points of failure.  Many have started using types MDF for the partial or even full construction of their shutters, leading their client to believe that they are every bit as nice and durable as a natural hardwood shutter.  Much like choosing to put plastic furniture in your dinning room or building a home out of MDF studs,  you would rather have something that is light weight (MDF is almost double the weight) has acceptable span tolerance to achieve proper widow frame alignment with the fewest panels possible. (MDF should maintain 30″ max panel because of weight and lack of grain.)

High quality basswood shutters.For these and many other reasons a natural wood shutter is in most cases, the right fit for your home.
Take the time before you purchase to find out all the reasons why natural wood is the clear choice for your next project.

High quality basswood shutters.

We carry the following brands that offer a Natural Hardwood Shutter:

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