Classic shutter done in composite material with large decorative moulding.

Classic shutter done in composite material with large decorative moulding.

The durable construction of a composite shutter from The Blindman can deliver the look your want when wood may not be the best solution. A composite shutter is made up of two completely distinct materials: wood and vinyl. They have a wood core that is wrapped in a vinyl shell creating a water-proof shutter that is great for high moisture areas!

Our composite shutter has been created and tested to withstand moisture and sunlight as much as a vinyl product is able.

The Blindman offers your choice of a locally assembled Blindman poly shutter or an imported  Norman co-polymer shutter.


Composite shutters are an affordable alternative to the real wood shutters and are ideal for rooms with a high moisture climate.

Composite shutters are easy to clean. All you need is a mild soap and water! This makes a composite shutter perfect for high-traffic areas, or areas that collect lots of dust.

Shutters offer an easy and beautiful solution to control light and privacy.

Shutters do not have any cords, making them a safe option for homes with pets and children.

Composite shutters offer a timeless look to any room. Their insulating design helps to lower your energy bill.

Recommended Uses:

Bathrooms, above kitchen sinks, and other areas that receive high amounts of moisture.

Things to consider when deciding between wood and poly:

Poly is typically only done in painted finish as faux stain finishes seem to not look natural.

Even though poly products are sold as “warp free”, they may be prone to ‘sagging’ over time due to the fact that vinyl is heavier than wood.

Poly panels, due to weight and material limitations, are not to exceed 30 inches without a supporting co-extruded core. This is problematic if you have windows 3 or 6 feet in width because a single 36″ panel is ideal for these windows.

The imported product can take upward of 6 weeks to have shipped to the US.