2 1/2" natural wood blinds

For the past 26 years, The Blindman has been producing it own line of Premium Wood Blinds with one goal in mind:  to produce the best quality blind at the most competitive price around.  Unlike other blind companies that claim to “eliminate the middle man”,  The Blindman has its own factory in Utah, where blinds are custom made to the size of your window.

Some blinds can be mass produced in foreign countries, shipped here in containers and then when you order it, the blind is simply “sized” or cut down to fit in your windows.  Sometimes undersized blinds will be used because they are close enough, and the length may be longer than what your window requires.  This leaves a gathered stack of unnecessary slats, ladder and cord at the bottom of the window.  This is particularly the case with blinds bought off the shelf at a box store.

Although The Blindman has the ability to deliver those mass produced blinds at a lower price,  the vast majority of our clients choose a product like our Premium Wood Blind, due to its superior construction and life expectancy


Larger 2″ High Profile Steel Headrail – for greater strength to span distances without unnecessary center supports.  Although other companies say that a smaller low profile headrails give better visibility, this is not true if the valance is potentially 3 1/4″ tall.  A 2″ headrail hides easily behind that valance.  To read more about our headrail, click here!

1/4″ steel tilt bar – The tilt bar is crucial to the synchronicity of slats tilting to the same pitch in unison.  In some cases, a smaller tilt bar or even a plastic tilt bar is used.  If it twists, the slats will twist to the same degree.

6″ and 24″ span tolerances –  This is the max distance that a slat can span before an addition ladder is added.  For example a 36″ wide blind can be built with only 2 ladders.  This is directly due to a strength to weight ratio of the material being used.  Many faux or manmade products reduce this limit to 5″ and 12″.  In this situation 4 ladders would be used.  This adds clutter to the window space as well as becomes a nightmare to clean.

Pulleyed lift system– Small pulleys located at the drop point for all lift cords make the lifting of a blind far more effortless and significantly  lengthens the life of your cords.  Some blinds simply allow the cord to pass over and through a hole in the barrel support.  After a short period the cord has worn a channel in the hole extending it to where it meets the headrail.  Once the cord comes in contact with the sharp edge of the headrail, it is only a matter of time before the cord becomes frayed and simply breaks. Depending on the warranty of the product, it is sometimes categorized as typical wear and tear and is not covered.

High quality tilt and lock mechanisms – The Blindman uses some of the best designed mechanisms available.  This is an area that you don’t want want to compromise quality.  We use mechanisms that have some of the lowest failure rates we have seen.  This results in fewer repair calls and a track record for our blinds functioning longer than many of our competitors.

As you look at window coverings,  think of them as an investment for your home and do a little research.  And when you do you will find what others have come to know, no one matches The Blindman on overall product value.