dark stained woodblind


Whether you are looking for white or stain, The Blindman’s 2” and 2 1/2” blinds are a timeless look that have been enjoyed for generations. Nothing beats the value of a natural hardwood blind. Our 100 % basswood blinds come in many different paints and stains, from a beautiful and crisp bright white to a glamorous golden oak, that will easily complement any decor.

The classic natural wood blind has been been around for decades.  With it’s beautiful wood grain textures and long lasting wood construction, nothing beats the value of a natural hardwood blind.  With span tolerances of 6″ and 24″, this blind is popular among people that are concerned about visibility and ease of cleaning.  The natural wood slats make it virtually static free.

Lightly dust your natural wood blinds and keep them dry and they will stay beautiful for many, many years.


All American 100% Basswood

Easy to clean – the natural hardwood is virtually static free, meaning that it does not attract dust, as opposed to products with a high polymer content.

Option for routless

A beautiful wood valance accompanies all of our Wood Blinds

Protects your interior from fading and sun damage

All of The Blindman’s Wood Blinds come with a Limited Life-Time Warranty. Read more about our Warranty here.